1. Fotokopy KK dan Akte Kelahiran (masing-masing 1 lembar)
  2. Fotokopi Raport dari Jenjang Sebelumnya
  3. Fotokopi KTP Orang Tua

*Catatan : Untuk jenjang SMP/SMA menyerahkan fotocopy SKHUN pada saat pengambilan seragam olahraga


  1. Accomplished Registration Form (Online)
  2. Copy of student’s passport
  3. Copy of student’s birth certificate
  4. Copy of report book for the past 3 years
  5. Copy of student’s certificate
  6. Copy of Limited Stay Permit Card/Family Card*
  7. Copy of Father’s passport and ID Card (IC)
  8. Copy of Mother’s passport and ID Card (IC)
  9. Student’s photograph 4x6cm (3 pcs)
  10. Father photograph 3x4cm (2 pcs)
  11. Mother’s photograph 3x4cm (2pcs)
  12. Nany/driver/guardian photograph 3x4cm (2 pcs)
  13. Copy of equivalent certificate*
  14. Term and Condition letter provided by School to be signed

For this item (*) , here are the procedures ↓

  1. Get the letter of acceptance from the receiving school
  2. Apply for Study Permit to Ministry of Higher Education (fill in the submission online). click here
  3. Apply for Telex Visa to Directorate General of Immigration Republic of Indonesia in Jakarta (fill in the submission online) – only your sponsor allows to do this. click here
  4. Apply to Embassy Republic of Indonesia/Consulate General of Republic of Indonesia in origin country
  5. Apply for Limited Stay VISA in Batam Immigration

1. Apply to Ministry of Higher Education (fill in the submission online). clik here!

Form more detail please open the link below! here

2. Get the equivalent certificate